Vertical Tutoring - How it works at Cape

We have 15 tutor groups, led by three Heads of House, responsible for the pastoral care of all students in their community. This is then overseen by 2 Key Stage leaders.

Heads of House have a responsibility for specific aspects of student development – transition at all stages, post 16 progression etc.

Students have the opportunity to take on responsibilities to support other students, including the Buddy System and to support reading in younger students.

Opportunities to work with the form tutor in small groups focused on specific issues such as work experience, exam preparation, revision techniques, target setting and progress.


Tutor Time

“Vertical tutoring allows you to make more friends in different years, and it makes the younger students feel safer in school. Plus, the smaller tutor groups mean there is more time for everyone.”  - Year 10 student

Allows students and tutors to focus on the following:

  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Encourage a sense of belonging
  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Support learning
  • Home/school engagement
  • Release individual and organisational potential
  • Allow students to feel valued


So what happens in Tutor Time?

  • Conversations about learning
  • Strategies are planned so older students support younger students (share experiences)
  • Older students trained in coaching, assisting with reading schemes and literacy
  • Student voice
  • Community activities
  • Community quizzes and competition
  • Data and monitoring of progress
  • Focus on specific objectives for individuals (year group priorities)

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