Take a tour of the school from your desktop

An enterprising media studies student has spent many hours of his own time building this stunningly realistic virtual tour of Cape Cornwall School.

Nick Harker, who has also built a customised computer for himself, has painstakingly recreating the school in 3D. “The idea came from a discussing in media studies about how we might advertise the school to encourage new students to come here. With my tour they will be able to explore the school from their desktop.”

The year 11 student taught himself how to use animation and games software including Unreal Engine 4 and Blender. He said: “It started when I did a 3D version of the headteacher’s office as a leaving present for our old head Mrs Nash. Someone said to me why don’t you do the whole school?”

You can take Nick's video tour of the school - click on the link below. 

The school hall - a virtual version
purple carpet corridor
The purple carpet corridor

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