Student Leadership

At Cape Cornwall School our student council is divided up into the following committees:


This subcommittee looks at different ways we could raise money for lots of little charities and the one our school has chosen overall. Some of the ideas that this group has come up with are, Crazy hair day, Talent show and even a PJ day.

Student Welfare

This looks at how the school is run and how it could be improved. With a student insight into ways we could improve the school and how things happen. An example of what we are looking at is bullying. Bullying isn’t a very big issue at Cape Cornwall School and the Student Welfare team intend to keep it that way.

School Improvement

This looks at how the school could become a better and friendlier place for students at Cape Cornwall School. One example of what we are looking at is more drama rooms. This will provide more space for students to practise their work and would be extremely helpful to those who have taken drama as a GCSE option.


This looks at ways that we could make our school greener. One of the main concerns is our Carbon Footprint. The Environment team look at the ways that we could reduce it. This includes doing one of the simplest things - turning off lights. As well as encouraging recycling around the school, we are also encouraging the Trash Tribe group (who collect litter and generally tidy up the site) because this team make our school look a whole lot better!


This subcommittee looks at our relationship with the wider community and ways in which we can connect with them more. One of the things looked at are considering is a summer fair and what we could do to attract differing generations to it - Like hotdogs and sponge throwing sponges for the youngsters and perhaps a flower stall for other generations. We have also looked at Art produced in school and within the community and are looking at links with local businesses.

Another benefit of the student council is that we are provided with student leadership training which includes team building, team discussions and team work. This year the task was to create an item that could be built again from straws, lollypop sticks, lego, paper, tape and scissors. There were 5 teams and our creations were peer – assessed by the other teams. We learnt different skills and thought about what makes us a good leader and our leadership abilities

This is what our head teacher thinks of splitting the school council up into sub committees:

"In September, the school council re-structured to allow students to have a much greater leadership role and to enable the co-construction of the day to day issues they face as students in a busy (albeit small) school.  The new structure has really allowed students to lead on the issues that are important to them, for example, ‘Community’ and how we can build on the fantastic work the school has already undertaken, to strengthen even further those vital links.  Leadership can be learned and we need great leaders in our society, but in order to learn it, they need to experience it.  We believe that the approach we have taken encourages our students to become better leaders at all levels and that this approach is unique as they are not shadowed by staff. Students at Cape are trusted to lead and they do so very well indeed!"


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