Physical education

Each activity is grouped into these six areas - 

Outwitting opponents - Games.

Accurate replication - Gymnastics, surfing, dance and artistic activities.


Exploring and communicating ideas - Outdoor education

Exercising safely - Health and Fitness

Performing at maximum levels - Athletics, swimming

Identifying and solving problems. - Outdoor Education



Each activity block Is for a six week period. 

Year 7 - Football, Hockey, Netball, B-ball, Rugby, Dance, Gymnastics, Health and Fitness, Table tennis, Tennis, Athletics, Rounders, leadership and cricket. 

Assessment is formative based teacher assessments with a summative banding. Students will peer assess throughout the year in non-competitive and competitive situations.

More additional detail and examples of content can be sourced from displays around the PE learning area and scheme of work for activity area. Mr N Gapp can be contacted at the school to provide further details (

Year 8 - Football, Hockey, Netball, B-ball , Rugby, Gymnastics, Health and Fitness, Tennis, Athletics, Orienteering, Cricket, Rowing, Badminton, Handball and Rounders.



KS4 Resources

BTEC Sport

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel

Exact Course Title: BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Sport

Why should I choose to study BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Sport?

BTEC Level 1/2 Sport is a vocational course that gives you the opportunity to study sport and exercise and gain a nationally recognised qualification. If you have an interest in the wider issues of sport (not just the practical elements) and have the ability to work independently then this is a course that you should consider. The course introduces you to the Sport and Leisure industry and provides the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to prepare you for employment or progression onto further sport courses.

What will I learn?

Four units are undertaken over the two year course. Assignments or projects are set for the different tasks within a unit. Each unit has a given amount of teaching time. For the BTEC Level 1/2 First Award the amount of time allocated is 30 hours per unit.

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (on-line exam)

Unit 2 – Practical Sports Performance

Unit 3 – The Mind and Sports Performance

Unit 6 –  Leadership


What will be expected of me?

You will be expected to build a good working relationship with your teacher and with the rest of the class. We want you to share ideas and knowledge and to ask questions as a positive learning environment benefits all students. You will have to meet deadlines for all your assignments and projects. You must be able to work independently to produce assignments and projects that are your own work and that show a passion for sport and physical fitness.

What skills will I develop?

Throughout the course you will develop your understanding of a variety of sports and the physical and psychological requirements that are essential for success in sport. You will develop your skills in becoming a successful, independent learner, alongside research skills, observational skills and methods of presenting information.  The course will support your development of transferrable interpersonal skills, including working with others, problem solving, and personal, learning and thinking skills.

How will I be assessed?

Two units are taught per year. Each unit will be assessed and graded as a Pass (P), Merit (M) or Distinction (D). Marking of units is moderated internally before a final grade is awarded for each unit.

Unit 1 is an on-line examination that is assessed externally.  This involves students completing a one hour exam on the computer. The grades from each unit are weighted and contribute to an overall score. This score converts into a final grade; Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.

Where will this qualification lead me?

This course will prepare you for careers in the sports sector, including fitness, coaching, health and injury. The course provides a good basis for more advanced qualifications e.g. Level 3 BTEC Nationals, or A Level physical education. 



Further details of Btec sport can be obtained from Mr N Gapp ( in the PE Department at the school. 


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