PET (Penwith Education Trust)

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The Penwith Education Trust is a co-operative trust with 16 foundation schools, 2 partner schools and three external partners that work as a collaborative partnership to promote excellence in education throughout the Penwith area. 

We strive to ensure that we reflect co-operative values through:

  • An ethos based on mutual respect, support and collaborative learning
  • The engagement of staff, learners and the wider community in the present and future development of the PET
  • Actively seeking additional learning opportunities with our partners and the wider community

Our focus is to inspire young people and to raise aspirations, opportunities and achievement

Our objective is to build close partnerships across our communities to provide the highest quality educational provision for our learners

Our motivation is to be a place of energy and inspiration enriched through the contribution of our members

Find out how to become a member by downloading this form. 

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Tel: 01736 788501