Olympic medallist inspires sports captains

Cassie Patten with Olympics medal and students

Olympic medallist, double world silver medallist, European Cup champion, and swimming world cup winner Cassie Patten inspired our 22 new sports captains.

The Cornish swimming legend swam the equivalent of St Just to Penzance and half-way back to secure her medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. But her prize was the result of hard work. While still at school, Cassie swam for two hours every morning and evening. She was diagnosed with dyslexia while at school but refused to let it hold her back. She said: “I’m a qualified teacher and I’ve been around the world. When I’d finished my races no-one ever asked me to do a spelling test!”

In an assembly to the whole school she said: “Every single one of you has a talent. You may not know that yet. I’ve met Olympians who didn’t start their sport until they were 19!”

Mr Rob Bradley, volunteer teaching assistant, set up the visit via the Sky Sports: Living for Sports scheme. He said: “Cassie’s assembly inspired everyone, including the teachers. A fifth of the entire school applied for the prestigious sports captain roles. Our captains have been working brilliantly in teams during her sessions.”

Mr Bradley said that, as well as helping with school activities, he hoped that the sporting captains would also get involved in fundraising and community support. 


Cassie Patten Olympic medalist and students

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