Health and Social Care

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Health and social care at Cape has links with the wider community. By visiting the local care home and The Brambles nursery students learn how to interact and socialise with elderly people as well as students who are younger than them. Students develop their knowledge and capabilities of knowing how to care and communicate with others effectively within the school and local community.

Health and social care is an option they choose in year 9 which they will study throughout Yr 10 and Yr 11. Internal assessments will be completed in Yr 10 and an external examination takes place in Yr 11.

After school sessions are available for those who wish to improve their work or catch up on anything they might have missed. Individual work is in folders and is always available for parents, carers if they wish to view their child’s progress.

Year 10 - the students complete the three unit internal assessments starting with: 

2a) Care Values

2b) Empowering individuals

3a) Verbal and non-verbal communication

3b) Barriers to communication

3c) Effective communication

7a) Equality and Diversity

7b) Explain how health and social care practices can promote equality and diversity.

Year 11 - we focus on human growth and development in preparation for the external examination. This includes growth and development from birth to 65 plus, this includes physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

These will be teacher assessed against the criteria and then internally assessed.

Please contact Mrs J Williams at the school for any additional information: 01736 788501 or email


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